Minneapolis Star Tribune Holiday book roundup

"Inspiring tale of resilience," writes Chuck Leddy. Read the full review here.

Bookviews blog lists Grant as pick of the month

"His determination, love of family and nation, is captured in this biography," says Alan Caruba. Click here for full review.

Courier Journal Praises Grant’s Final Victory

"The exhilarating and heroic story of the race to complete Grant's memoir," writes Allen Barra. To read the full review, click here. Q&A

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Podcast of Sunday Journal with Stuart Levitan

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Review in New York Journal of Books

"What an inspiring story; and so well told. I could not put it down, despite knowing the ending," writes Dr. Michael J. Deeb. Read full review here

Roanoke Times Praises Grant’s Final VIctory

"The book ends with one the most powerful passages I have ever read," writes Michael L. Ramsey. Read the full review here.

Boston Book Festival Panel Video

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